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Automotive Financing Software

Software for auto industry financing.

Better Auto Financing Software.

When you're tired of juggling multiple systems to manage your automotive financing business, give us a call. Our Portfolio Plus platform includes everything you need for the finance-centric part of your business, including accounting, leasing, collections, loans, correspondence software, and interfaces to industry leaders like Canadian Black Book, PassTime, PPSA, and more.

Faster auto loans and servicing.

We've been in the loan software business for over twenty years, so our system can handle virtually any type of automotive loan and servicing requirements.

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Integrated auto finance.

With Portfolio Plus you get a completely integrated automotive financing solution which includes accounting, loans, leases, collections, and more. This also means it's easier to gain insights from your transactions because you're working with a single data set.

Debt collection.

Our debt collections product, Collector, is installed at over 100 locations and can help you get your money faster.

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Auto leasing software.

Our leasing & financing product enables you to offer automotive leasing to your customers from origination through to remarketing.

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