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Software for car dealer financing and floor planning.

Web-based dealer floor planning software

Get self-service floor planning.

Empower your dealers to do their own floor planning. Imagine if your dealers could manage their inventory flow themselves while you verify all aspects of each transaction. This would help you to lower costs and maintain tight control. Portfolio Plus DealerWeb achieves both goals.

This illustration provides the basic concept behind floor plan financing. Dealers are given a credit facility which they use to buy vehicles and generate an inventory. When a vehicle is sold, a portion of that credit facility is paid back and the amount is applied back to the dealer's credit facility.

Make inventory advances easy.

When dealers want to finance a vehicle, they simply log onto a website that is DealerWeb enabled and enter the VIN, colour, year, mileage, the requested advance amount, and the location where they purchased the vehicle. DealerWeb then provides the dealer with immediate feedback regarding the allowable advance based on a lender-defined calculation. As such, most transactions will require little or no intervention from you. It's what we call friction free financing.

Computer monitor showing Advance Request Form
Computer monitor showing DealerWeb dashboard showing status of floor plans.

DealerWeb: floor plan features.

The following features enable floor plan lenders to lower costs, increase branding, and provide better service:

  • Send and receive messages to all (or specific) dealers
  • Get dealer reports on available balance, open inventory, paid out loans, aging, pending payouts, and CarProof reports
  • Receive notification of advance requests
  • Set up new dealers with access
  • Customize content

Improve your dealer's cash flow.

Dealers can also experience faster feedback on floor plan advance requests, better financial management, access to current credit details, improved communication with the lender, and less paperwork.

Computer monitor showing a dealer's inventory on credit.

Benefits for the lender.

Using DealerWeb, the lender achieves:

  • faster communication with all of your dealers
  • better business management with better oversight because real-time data is available
  • automated processes that allow your volume to improve without adding people

Benefits for the dealer.

Using DealerWeb the dealer can:

  • request floor plan advances online
  • pay out loans (using a direct PAC method)
  • access credit facility balances (approved, utilized, and available)
  • review open inventory, paid out loans, aging, pending payouts, and CarProof reports
  • receive and send messages to the lender

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