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InfoCloak Software

Software for managing private financial data.

You need maximum privacy.

InfoCloak helps ensure that the data you use in test environments remains private. You've seen the headlines. The data leaks. It's an industry problem that InfoCloak helps address by scrambling your personal data while leaving your financial data alone so you can conduct adequate testing.

Privacy protection. It’s the law.

Governments around the world have introduced privacy laws directed at financial institutions. These laws outline a financial institution’s responsibility to implement sufficient safeguards in order to protect customer information.

It is important to note that the Canadian federal legislation concerning the privacy of banking customers is addressed in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The Canada Bank Act and the Canada Privacy Act do not address this. (The Canada Privacy Act only covers information held by the Canadian government.)

Now, more than ever, it is up to the financial institution to create sufficient safeguards for customer banking information.

Data set reduction by CIF.

Data set reduction is achieved by selecting specific ranges of Customer Information File (CIF) records in Portfolio Plus. It is important to note that multiple ranges of CIFs can be requested. Less data means less load/unload time, less exposure of data in test environments, and less time for various test banking processes to occur.

Cells representing data selection.

InfoCloak helps reduce data set sizes.

The math is easy to understand. If you can reduce the size of a data set then the time to create and manage that data set will be reduced. That's what we've done with InfoCloak. We've allowed you to pick and choose the data you want to test (instead of having to use the entire data set). This reduces the time for all testing.

InfoCloak Architecture

Data scrambling is achieved by substituting personal information text with a random word from a large dictionary file. A two-letter word is substituted with a random two letter word, a three-letter word is substituted with a random three letter word from the dictionary, and so forth.

Diagram depicting how InfoCloak is used to scramble data.

InfoCloak. How it works.

SIT created Portfolio Plus InfoCloak to help you control private data that is held outside your production system. It reduces exposure and, therefore, risk. It achieves this benefit primarily by scrambling all text data that can be associated with numeric data (e.g. "John Smith Account # 1234" becomes "Fire Yawns Account # 1234"). It also helps control private data by reducing the sheer amount of data. It accomplishes this by allowing you to pick and choose what parts of the data set you want in a test environment. Any reduction in the amount of data is a reduction in the amount of risk.


Monitoring & Reporting

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