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Marketplace Lending Software

A platform for marketplace lending and investing.

Investors. Borrowers. Connect.

You need borrowers and investors to spread the word. Your future depends on it. But the bar is high. You need to deliver a user experience that's simple and seamless. Perhaps you'll try something that's never been done before. You can do this because Portfolio Plus puts you in control of the user experience. We provide the sturdy platform. You craft the experience. Let us know how we can help.

Choose your user interface.

Choose virtually any mobile or web interface to access our platform. Your programmers may prefer Ruby on Rails, or PHP, or any number of modern web development platforms. And for mobile they’ll need to provide interfaces to iOS and Android. All of these technologies can access our marketplace lending platform through common web services that access our Open Banking Interface.

Go deep with functionality.

Attracting new borrowers or investors is job #1. But once these financial instruments have been originated you’ll need to accommodate any number of changes by borrowers and lenders alike. Perhaps there’s an early payout. Or a change in investment terms. This is when a mature financial platform like Portfolio Plus shines. Your programmers will be able to manage these changes through our Open Banking Interface to deliver a better user experience.

Open Banking Interface

The Open Banking Interface architecture is what makes our marketplace lending platform so accessible from virtually any user interface platform including web and mobile.

Open Banking Interface for marketplace lending architecture
Proven platform for marketplace and P2P lending

Move billions a month.

SIT's Portfolio Plus financial platform is used by large and small financial companies alike to manage billions a month in deposits, investments, loans, and retail accounts. For marketplace lenders, we've simply enabled access to this proven platform through our Open Banking Interface.

Open and seasoned.

Open technology only takes you so far. Marry that openess with our twenty years of financial regulatory experience and you have a winning combination. So let's conceive a plan. Let's find a way to use our experience with technology, finance, and regulatory matters to make your vision happen. Let's connect.

Abstract circles and lines depicting marketplace lending software network.

Marketplace lending model

Although marketplace lending has evolved from traditional P2P lending strategies, the main difference that categorizes this new and developing segment of finance is that a marketplace lending investor will often make larger investments, which are used to fund a number of loans.

Diagram depicting basic marketplace lending model.

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Monitoring & Reporting

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