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SIT Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Overview

At SIT we pride ourselves on having a privacy policy that is commensurate with the industry we serve (banking).

SIT's Commitment

SIT assures you that we:

Web Site Statistics Gathering

For the purposes of marketing analysis SIT does track who (by IP address) visits our website(s). This information is used in aggregate form to determine how customers are referred to the SIT website (e.g. from Google.com or Yahoo.com, etc.) and/or what country these users come from. This information is not sold or traded by SIT.

Opt-Out Policy

If you receive an email newsletter or some other form of bulk email from SIT and you do not wish to be included in future electronic mailings, please contact our administrators to be removed from these mailings.

Questions about SIT's Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions about SIT's privacy policy, please phone Adam Long at 905-640-0808 x452


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Monitoring & Reporting

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